Week 30

Look here for some details about how to tackle the personal study

Wk 27: Make your final studies for your main piece.

Wk 26: Read the guidance to starting your personal study and make your initial investigations.

Wk 25: Main piece development ; Cover two pages with final plans for your main piece idea in the "Human Form" project. These should have enough detail to guide your work in your next lesson on Weds 24th April.

Week 24, Catch-up week.

Task 1 - make some studies of the sculptures of hands by Auguste Rodin
Task 2 - make some studies of sculptures inspired by the work of Moore, Gormley and Rodin

Week 19. Over two pages of your sketchbook, take some photographs & produce some drawings of figures curled up or folded. Ask friends to pose for photos and then make some drawings based on the photos. Use a variety of formats and materials.

Wk12 - over two sides of your book, make small alterations to your initial studies for your Main Piece idea. Alter composition and material or modify the colour and value. Changes should follow fluently from your previous studies.

Wk11 -- over two sides of your book, make your initial studies for a Main Piece in the Urban Environmant project. These should follow fluently from your previous studies.

Wk10 - choose your favourite study and, over two sides of your book, make a series of images that develop and extend it.

Week 6 - Produce two pages of developments from the work you have produced this term; choose something you enjoyed making or feel was successful and make new studies using a range of varied materials.

Wk 4 - produce 2 pages of architectural details from doors and doorways. Use photographic sources.

Wk 3- produce 2 pages of studies of surfaces, textures and architectural details from the photographs you took in school and from other sources.

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