Week 34 W/B Mon 5th July 2021


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First week back after lockdown and it has been lovely to see students making practical work in the art studio.

So looking forward to seeing our artists working in the studio this week. We will have Year 7 studying Abstract painting and Year 8 focusing on a graphic design. Year 9 students will fully embark on their Pop Art project this week.

The Year 10 GCSE group continue their Main Pieces in the "Text and Image" project and our fabulous Year 11 students are busy compiling their portfolios for thier GCSE submissions.

A-level students are continuing with the Main Pieces in the "Urban Environment" project.

Happy creating this week!

Welcome back to school - looking forward to producing Art this term.

We are having some controlled drawing and ideas sessions this week in the Art Department. All our best wishes to Year 7 students drawing faces and Year 8 drawing insects and to the Year 9 students as they draw hands. Shading skillsand detail will serve them well.