Look at the GCSE handbook, here

Prior Homework

Choose three pieces of work you like doing or thought you were successful at. Make a page of studies that develop them. Make each study on different types of paper. Plan three larger extended studies from your choices.

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Check out the GCSE Art Handbook here:

Wk19: On one page of your sketchbook draw a pair of shoes or boots. The focus should be on making the objects appear three-dimensional and solid. Use shadow and shading to help create the effect. Due Mon 25th Feb

Week 13 - On page 18 and 19 of your sketchbook refine your studies for you "Abstract" main piece: Add dots, add lines, add shapes, modify the colour, shift the tonal range, try an unsual shaped support.

Week 12 - On page 27 of your sketchbook make a title page for your second project, "Me, Myself and I".

Week 11 - On page 19 Make three studies for your Main piece. You should attempt to blend the themes Order and Chaos following the ideas and techniques used in class this term. Due Wednesday.

Week 9 - On page 17 develop each of the studies you made last week by switching the colours, changing the materials or making them monochrome.

Week 8 - On page 16 make a set of abstract images of your own design. Choose a theme and follow it. Make 4 to 5 pictures. Make sure they are advanced, aesthetically pleasing images. Use interesting materials.

Week 7 - Task 1: Over pages 14 and 15, make a series of abstract designs on shaped supports. Use wet and dry materials.
Also, over half term, improve, enhance or complete any homework you have tackled this term. If you missed any work do it this week and over half term. You can check the homework tasks below.

Week 6 - On Page 12 and 13 of your sketchbook, make some abstract designs as shown in class. Use a watercolour base. Make the colour intense and keep the designs simple. Use layering.

Week 5 - On Page 10 of your sketchbook, make some reduction studies as shown in class. Use colour pencil. Make the colour intense and keep the design simple. Use collage techniques

GCSE Art homework - Due in the first week of September
On the first page of your new sketchbook, make a title page including the words, "Project 1 - Abstract Art"
On Page 2 make 4 abstract colour collages using colours from magazines.
On page 3 make 4 greyscale abstract images using shades from magazines.
On Page 4 make a study of the artist Gillian Ayres. Copy two images and write notes about her.
On Page 5 make a study of the artist Piet Mondrian. Copy two of his abstract images and write notes

Coursework deadline: 3rdJanbruary 2018. Hand in all your coursework; this will consist of three projects as agreed with Mr Coultart. Each project should include a Main Piece, Preparatory sheets and a sketchbook. Sketchbooks must be in the boxes and Prep Sheets should be in folders in your drawer.

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