Week 34 W/B Mon 5th July 2021


C. Coultart 2010-2019


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Homework 1

Task 1: Make a "Zentangle" pattern on half a page of your sketchbook. See examples here:


Lesson 2

Task: look at the image "Map of Days" by the British artist Grayson Perry

Copy a section of it in a frame on the top half of a piece of A4 paper. Write the title "Map of Days" and the name Grayson Perry.


Extension – imagine you are flying over the school. Draw a bird’s eye view of the school on a second piece of A4.

Write your name on the sheet and hand it in at the end of the lesson.


Lesson 1

There are two tasks:


Task 1; Copy some symbols and make your own symbols. Look at the photocopies and copy 12 of the symbols onto an A4 sheet. Then, underneath, design 12 of your own.


Extension – Look at the pictograms on the handout worksheet and attempt to design your own set


Write your name on the sheet and hand it in at the end of the lesson.

Homework 2

On the top of one page of your sketchbook, draw a frame and inside the frame copy a picture by artist Hilke MacIntyre. They are quite complicated so you can draw just a section of one.

By the side of the drawing, write her name and three facts about her.

Sculpting a Head

Sculptural Heads

See PORTRAITS Powerpoint here

Year 7

Skills - This year you will be shown how to do the following:

Mix Colours

Make a press-print

Make a Tracing

Do an Observational Drawing

Build a model with Clay

Use the Internet to research into Art

Vincent van Gogh Frida Kahlo Portrait powerpoint


Sculpting Eyes Valda Jackson Clay Heads


Damien Hirst - spot Julian Opie Painting of an eye Shading techniques Draw an Eye Hanna Werning Althea McNish


Hanna Werning William Morris Abstract Art Still Life Tamara Madden Althea McNish Year 7 Homework

Self Isolation Work 2020

The Rules of Abstraction

Maps Resources

What is Abstract Art? Aborigine Art Hilke MacIntyre Y7 Instructional video

Wk 25 - week beginning 20th April.

There are two tasks: Do them both on one whole page of your sketchbook.

Task one: Draw a plan view of one floor of your home. Include fixtures, furniture, windows doors, architectural features and decoration. See here for ideas:

Task two: on the bottom half of the page, draw a frame and inside the frame, draw a street view of the area in which you live. See here for ideas

Watch this video for a demonstration:  

Take a photo or scan of your work and email it to me for comment to [email protected] All the best. Mr Coultart

Grayson Perry Hilke MacIntyre Info Zentangles

Lesson 3

There is ONE task:

You must design and make a "Map of Life"; It will be made on one A4 sheet. It must include a map-like bird's eye view of the area where you live or an imaginary district. It must include symbols and Zentangle type patterns. It must include text and labels. Work in pencil, graphite stick and pen.

Sculpting Lips