Year 7

Week 7

On half of page 3 draw a piece of fruit in pencil only. Use shading techniques to to create the effect of 3D. Extension; draw several pieces of fruit in a group.

7A Abstract Paintings

Projects - Projects you will tackle this year

FOOD - draw some pictures of food. We will discover some artists who made pictures of things to eat. We will explore a range of ways to make images. You will then compose your own picture of food.

In this project we will find out all about portraits. We will discover artists who were interested in faces and people and have fun drawing face shapes and mixing colours. We will then make a piece of work that celebrates the human face.

Fabric Design - In this project we will study examples of furnishing designs. Starting with drawings of cut fruit and vegetables we will make our own furnishing design. In the process we will learn how to trace and how to make a press print.

Abstract Painting - in this project we look at artists who have made Abstract imagery.

Decorative Masks - In this taught 3-D project you will be shown how to work with and manipulate withies. We will look at examples of artists who have made masks and then have a go at making our own .

Aborigine Stories - In this project we will take a look at the amazing work of the Australian Aborigine artists. We will see how stories, symbols and patterns are central to their work, we'll have a go at some techniques and then plan and make our own images.

Black and White - In this project we study artists who have used only black and white in their work. We explore different techniques of doing this ourselves and then develop a main piece of art from the studies you make.

Start of Year 8 Project -

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