Week 34 W/B Mon 5th July 2021


C. Coultart 2010-2019


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Lesson 2


Task 1 On a piece of A4 paper, draw an image of hills receding into the distance. Choose one of the images available on class and copy onto half the page.

On the second half draw a coloured version. Use Felt Tip pens from the Year 8 materials trays. If you chhose blue you should use only sgades of blue plus grey and purple.

Ensure you write your name of the paper and hand it in at the end of the lesson

Lesson 1

Task one: draw two trees on a page of A4 paper. Use pencil. Draw the trees side by side.

See the examples handed out in class or see here.


Task 2 (Extension) Invent your own tree. Draw it on a new sheet of A4 paper. Use coloured materials from the Year 8 materials trays


Ensure you write your name of the paper and hand it in at the end of the lesson

Year 8

Skills - you will learn how to do the following:

* Take Photographs

*Make a Press Print

*Paint Neatly

*Make an Observational Drawing

*Make a Collage

Pablo Picasso Emmie van Biervliet Nathan Bowen



Braque Collage


Cassandre Laura Antebi Georgia O'Keeffe Urban Evaluation Warhorse 2 Jo Taylor Warhorse Puppet


One point perspective Riley paintings Jackson Pollock Movement Photographs David Hockney George Braque Birds in flight Movement Evaluation Watercolour painting video Poster Design Font Styles Allison Glancey

Landscape Short Course

Year 8 Homework

See all Year 8 homework here:

David Hockney


Homework 1

On half of  page 30 of your sketchbook, draw a frame and inside the frame, copy a picture by either Christine Woodside or Kate Boyce: 

To the side of your picture, write the artist's name and add two comments about her:




Extension: make a copy of the other artist.

Trees Christine Woodside information Kate Boyce information Kate Boyce images Hockney info Christine Woodside images Landscapes