Week 13


8A Landscape

Projects - these are the projects you will tackle this year
Project 1 - Landscape
look around at all the buildings in the school focusing on the details such as brickwork, drain covers and other surfaces. At home study the architectural structure of your house or street. Look at the transport system. Study road signs or street signs. Explore perspective and take some photographs. From your studies, develop your favourite ideas to produce a main piece that explores the Built Environment.

Project 2; Text & Image -
in this Red-p project we have a look at the way in which artists use Text with Images to make their compositions

Project 3 - Fragmentation  
In this TAUGHT Project we will be studying one of the most influential movements in Modern Art, Cubism. We study the techniques of Braque and Picasso and then make a fragmented image. We then paint the image using the types of colours employed by the Cubists.

Project 4 - Poster Design
In this Red-P project we will look at how GRAPHIC DESIGNERS lay out letter forms and use simple, limited colour schemes. We will study letter types and colour schemes and investigate graphic forms. Then, following the tips we pick up from the work of the designers Alison Glancey and Cassandre, we will compose and make our own Poster to advertise Sports Day.

Project 5 - Insects  (A 3-D Project)
we will make some drawings of birds and and then try our hand at modelling with art straws and wire.



8A landscape

Skills - you will learn how to do the following:
* Take Photographs
*Make a Press Print
*Paint Neatly
*Make an Observational Drawing
*Make a Collage

Write an evaluation of your Faces Project. Put the title "Faces Evaluation" at the top of a page in your sketchbook. Shade the page a light colour. Following the information on the sheet, write 5 paragraphs about the project, each one describing a different aspect of the work. Assess your work by using the Assessment grid to judge how you have performed. Due 7A Tues 2nd Nov 7& Fri 5th Nov

On one page of your sketchbook draw the title, "Braque and Picasso". Use an interesting lettering style. Look at the two pictures in the links below and make copies of them. Add titles. The Braque is called "Still Life on a Table" 1910 The Picasso is called "Still Life with Chair Caning" 1912.

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