Easter Wk1 = Week beginning 30th March


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Week 24 - Week beginning 23rd March: Have a look at the insect drawings here                 and then fill one page of your sketchbook with at four copies of your own. Use pencil or pen.

This must be completed by Friday 27th.

Easter work - Week beginning 30th March:

If you want to, try to make a 3-D insect using scrap materials from your home.


Projects -

these are the projects you will tackle this year...


Project 1 - Urban Environment

look at the buildings in the school focusing on the details such as brickwork, drain covers and other surfaces. At home study the architectural structure of your house or street. Look at the transport system. Study road signs or street signs. Explore perspective and take some photographs. From your studies, develop your favourite ideas to produce a main piece that explores the Built Environment.



Project 2; Music -

in this Red-p project we have a look at the way in which artists use Music as a theme to make their compositions.



 Project 3 - Fragmentation  

In this TAUGHT Project we will be studying one of the most influential movements in Modern Art, Cubism. We study the techniques of Braque and Picasso and then make a fragmented image. We then paint the image using the types of colours employed by the Cubists.



Project 4 -  Book Cover Design

In this Red-P project we will look at how GRAPHIC DESIGNERS lay out letter forms and use simple, limited colour schemes. We will study letter types and colour schemes and investigate graphic forms. Then, following the tips we pick up from the work of the designers Alison Glancey we will compose and make our own Book Cover.


Project 5 - Insects  (A 3-D Project)

we will make some drawings of birds and insects and then try our hand at modelling with art straws and wire.

Year 8

Skills - you will learn how to do the following:

* Take Photographs

*Make a Press Print

*Paint Neatly

*Make an Observational Drawing

*Make a Collage

Pablo Picasso Hokusai - Fish David Mach - Gorilla Nicola Hicks - Beetle Elizabeth Frink - Owl Emmie van Biervliet Nathan Bowen


Riley 4 Paintings


George Braque Braque Collage Pablo Picasso Picasso collage David Hockney Font Styles


Cassandre Laura Antebi Georgia O'Keeffe Urban Evaluation Warhorse Warhorse 2 Jo Taylor Warhorse Puppet


One point perspective Riley paintings Jackson Pollock Movement Photographs David Hockney George Braque Birds in flight Ruth Piper Movement Evaluation Watercolour painting video

  Y8 landscape prep pieces

Year 8 Landscapes

8& Cityscapes

8& Text and Image 2018-19

8A Cityscapes

8A "Text & Image" 2018-19

Poster Design Font Styles Allison Glancey

This Week's work

Previous Homework

Year 8 Homework

See all Year 8 homework here:

Week 22 - Make three alternative designs for an issue-based poster. Draw three frames on a page of your sketchbook & inside each sketch your layout. Each design should have a slogan and an image. You must think about colour schemes and lettering styles. For homeowrk, choose your best design and make a neat version of it.

Week 23: On one page of your sketchbook design your own lettering style. Write the name of the style in the style. If you name your style "Elegance" write that word in the style. Look here for some examples of lettering styles:

Linear Insects Realistic Insects Lettering Styles

Week beginning 30th March: Have a look at the insect drawings here                      and then fill one page of your sketchbook with a detailed copy of one of them. Use pencil or pen. This must be completed by Monday 20th April.

Check out this video to help you make a font style

Make a font style