Week 19


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Year 9

1. Fashion Design-


2. War and Conflict


3 - The Pop Art Project - In this Red-P project we will look at one of the most influential Art Movements of the 20th Century, Pop Art.

Task I - Make some studies of 4 Pop Art pictures or sculptures

Task 2 - Find out as much as you can about the pictures or sculptures you have chosen, and about the Artists who made them.  

Task 3 - Produce preparatory pieces that will help you plan your Main Piece.

Task 4 - Produce a piece of Art work that reflects what you found interesting about the works you chose.


4. Massive - A Sculpture Project. 


5.  Comic Strip


Angela Conner Claes Oldenberg Bews Gorvin Angel of the North David Harber Roy Lichtenstein Warhol Soup Can Julian Opie Opie Photoshop Jasper Johns

Pop Art

Public Sculpture

Angela Conner Claes Oldenberg Anish Kapoor Rick Kirby Tate Gallery Draw a Portrait

War & Conflict

Kathe Kollwitz John Keane Faith Ringgold Poise Wave Whiteread - Chairs Whiteread - House Shading techniques War Evaluation Peter Blake

9A hand sculptures

9alpha hand sculptures

Xavier Pick Paintings

9A War and Conflict 2016

Pop Art Evaluation

Year 9 2017 Fashion Design

9& 2019 Fashion Design

Fashion Design

Issey Miyake designs Issey Miyake information Grace Wales Bonner Bonner information Ringgold - Interview

This Week's Homework

9A 2018 Fashion Design

Previous Homework

Week 18: This is a catch-up week; Complete any unfinished work. Refine work that needs improvement. See all homework tasks here:  

Year 9 homework

Make an observational pencil drawing of a hand. You should look for the correct proportions and use a variety of shading techniques to create the tone. Ensure you include details such as nails, knuckles and creases in the skin.

Have a look at the examples of the levels you could attain. See a tutorial and further advice on this link

6 standard drawing 7 standard drawing 9 standard drawing Hand drawing tutorial