Week 30

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Week 30 There is no homework this week

Week 28 - Select one of your 3 ideas in the "Massive" sculptural project. Ensure you are ready to start making on Friday 17th May....

Wk27. On a page of your sketchbook, draw 3 ideas for the "Massive" sculptural project. You can use wire, cardboard, art straws and other materials for the main piece. Maquettes will be based on the image of a hand. Add notes. The themes are; Education, Spirituality, Community. Due Fri 3rd May

C. Coultart 2010-2017


1. Fashion Design-

2. Movement

3 - The Pop Art Project - In this Red-P project we will look at one of the most influential Art Movements of the 20th Century, Pop Art.
Task I - Make some studies of 4 Pop Art pictures or sculptures
Task 2 - Find out as much as you can about the pictures or sculptures you have chosen, and about the Artists who made them.
Task 3 - Produce preparatory pieces that will help you plan your Main Piece.
Task 4 - Produce a piece of Art work that reflects what you found interesting about the works you chose.

4. Massive - A Sculpture Project. 

5.  Comic Strip

Year 9 2018 Fashion Design

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