Week 11 W/B Mon 29th Nov 2021


C. Coultart 2010-2019

Y7 Abstract Evaluation

Year 7 – Abstract Painting       Evaluation

In your sketchbook, produce an account of the work you have undertaken in this project. Write the title “Abstract Painting; Order and Chaos” at the top and divide the page into four bubbles. In each bubble write about one of the different aspects of the project. Look back through your sketchbook and recall the stages of your project. Below are some words and phrases you could use in each section.

Section 1 – Recording & experimenting – write about the beginning of the project.

Mixing colours               Wax resist             Given colours              Stripes               Oil Pastels        Paint palette        Collage         Scrap colour paper         Card Scraper             Gouache paint  

Section 2; Presentation – How did you set about making your final piece?       

Order of work           Mixing colours         Gouache paint        scraping              Wax crayons                 neatness     planning composition           geometric shapes      paint brushes       Oil pastels

Section 3 – Artist Links – Which artists did you study?

Watching the videos                     Own choice artist                    Own choice artist – Order         Wassily Kandinsky                 Gillian Ayers                      Bridget Riley    

Section 4 – Self assessment

In this paragraph write down how you think you did in the project. You should write two sentences. Explain what you did well and what you think you could have improved upon. Give two WWWs and two EBIs. Describe your favourite activity was. Were you pleased with your final piece?