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Year 8 – Music Evaluation

In your sketchbook, produce an account of the work you made in the Music Project. This will consist of four sections, each about a different aspect of the project. Write the title “Music Project” at the top and divide the page into four sections as shown in class. In each section write about one of the different aspects of the project. Listed in the boxes below are some words and phrases you could use in each section.  

Section 1 – Record and Experimentation. Write about the initial work made in class.

Write about the 4 techniques you tried.                    Describe each one.          

Mono Printing         Wax resist.               Sgraffito                        Scraper Board                

Wax crayons           Black Oil Pastel             Yellow Coloured Pencils          Scraper Tools         Coloured Ink

Musical Genres         Musical notation          Musical terms             Musical instruments


Section 2 –   write about the homework

Draw a musical instrument.                  Copy an image by Faith Ringgold


Section 3 – Develop and Presentation: Describe how you made your final piece. Outline the materials you used. Describe the changes you made from the prep work.

Sketching              laying out                         straight lines/wavy lines/zig-zag lines              light lines         composition                   

scraper board          wax resist           sgraffito          coloured ink           order of work      lettering           Light colour wax crayons    Dark colour oil pastels      Coloured Pencils   

Section 4 – Self assessment                   

In this section describe how you performed in the project. Write at least three “What Went Well” and three “Even Better If”. Describe what your favourite activity was. Were you pleased with your final piece?

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