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Year 8 – Poster Project    Evaluation

In your sketchbook, produce an account of the work you made in the Poster Project. This will consist of four sections each about a different aspect of the project. Write the title “Poster” at the top and divide the page into four sections. In each section write about one of the different aspects of the project. Listed in the boxes below are some words and phrases you could use in each section.


Section 1 – Recording & Experimentation. Write about the initial work done in class and at home.

Setting out lettering                       Text Styles                     Slogans                    Silhouettes                     Poster Analysis            Limited colour scheme         Book cover design          Prep Sheet                   Design own typeface


Section 2 – Painting  – explain the techniques for painting neatly. 

 Flat Brush               Round Brush               Palette                Water Pot               Consistency of paint              Order of painting

Colour Mixing                  Gouache Paint                            Flat colour                  Direction of Brush strokes


Section 3 – Developing and Presenting: describe the ideas you had for your main piece and how you set about making your final piece

Sketching            Compositional studies        Selecting                Colour Studies         Backgrounds         Theme

Laying out         Underpainting                   5 colours            light lines                 order of work          lettering style


Section 4 – Self assessment

In this paragraph describe how you performed in the project. You should write at least three sentences. Explain what you did well and what you could have improved, including two WWWs and two EBIs. Explain what your favourite activity was. Were you pleased with your final piece? Why?

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