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Y9 Fashion Design Project

In your sketchbook, produce an account of the work you have done this term. Write the title “Fashion Design” at the top and divide the page into four sections as described in class. In each section write about one of the different aspects of the project. Below are some words and phrases you could use in each of the sections.

Section 1 –  Experimenting and Recording: write about what you did at the beginning of the project in class and explain the techniques you tried.

Draw a mannequin in coloured pastel on colour paper.            Design some colour swatches       Vertical stripes  Horizontal Stripes                Chequered pattern                   Polka Dots                 Plain blended colour


Section 2: Describe the homework tasks.

Draw a piece of fabric .  Study of Issey Miyake.     Study of Grace Wales Bonner.       Study of Barclay Hendricks          Study of Amy Sherald   


Section 3 – Developing: describe the ideas you had for your main piece. Presentation: how you set about making your final piece.

Colour Swatches          Drawing                 Human Proportions       Sketching            Pattern            Design               Selecting            Colour Studies           Light Lines         Order of work       Amendments     Background Wash


Section 4 – Self assessment

 In this paragraph write down how you think you did in the project. Where you pleased with your Final Piece. Describe your favourite piece of work.  You should write four WWWs and four EBIs

Week 11 W/B Mon 29th Nov 2021


C. Coultart 2010-2019

Year 9 – "Fashion"    Project Evaluation

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