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Week 11 W/B Mon 29th Nov 2021


C. Coultart 2010-2019

Year 9 "Massive" Evaluation

Y9 Massive Project                 Evaluation               Art Department


In your sketchbook write an Evaluation of the Public Sculpture Project. At the top of the page write the title “Massive” and the date. The evaluation should consist of five paragraphs. Put a coloured background on your page first. You should use diagrams to help illustrate your evaluation.


Paragraph 1 – Initial steps. Describe the process you went through to design your model. What materials did you use? What equipment did you use?

Paragraph 2 – Finishing. Describe the process you went through to model the flat sculpture into its final position. How did you use the textural materials?

Paragraph 3 – Describe the homework you did and explain how it helped you make your model. (look in your sketchbook to recall the homework.)

Paragraph 4 - Name two artists who were famous for making large public sculptures. Describe their work.

Paragraph 5 - Self-Assessment. Explain what went well and what you found difficult. Give reasons.


You might want to use some of these words;

Malleable, fiddly, tricky, bending, sharp, forming, twisting, large, scissors, pliers, aluminium wire, lengths of wire, different gauges, flexible, sculpting, modelling, moulding, rough, looking, observing, planning, initial drawings, joining, position, proportions, binding.

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