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Week 11 W/B Mon 29th Nov 2021


C. Coultart 2010-2019

In your sketchbook, produce an account of the work you have done this term. Put a light background down on one page of your sketchbook. Write the title “Pop Portrait” at the top and divide the page into five sections. In each section write about one of the different aspects of the project. In the boxes below are some words and phrases you could use in each of the sections.


Section 1 –  Artists links: Write about the artists you studied in this project. Andy Warhol,  Shepherd Fairey, April Bey. Describe their work.


Section 2 - write about the main features of Pop Art.

Popular Culture.             Cinema       Celebrity           Billboards            Posters          Commercial Products      Flat Colours               Text              Iconic images                Slogans                 Collage               Series         Photography      Flags         Packaging      Collage       1950s & 1960s.             Britain & USA     


Section 3 - Describe the techniques used to prepare for your Main Piece.  ie  making your bi-tonal image of a celebrity, choosing a phrase or word.

   Portrait photos            Drawing         Words & phrases     Tracing paper         Tracing           copying       lettering sheets    graphite stick   


Paragraph 4 – Presentation: how you set about making your final piece,

Sketching             laying out               composition               underpainting            selecting         order of work          finishing             Selecting       colour studies      Black ink         Chalk pastels        smudging


Paragraph 5 – Self assessment

In this paragraph write how you think you did in the project. You should write at least two WWW points and two EBI points. Explain what you did well and what you think you could have done better. Were you pleased with your final piece?

Year 9 – ”Pop Art”   Project Evaluation

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