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Monday 6th Sept 2021

Welcome to the new term in the Art Dept.

We are so looking forward to teaching drawing, painting, printing, photogtaphy and sculpture this year.

Our year 5 and 6 artists will be intitailly looking at pattern and natural forms as their introduction to the Art room. In Year 7, we begin with a short project all about Still Life and in Year 8 we embark on a series of work about the City. Year 9 students will tackle a the War and Conflict project. At GCSE level, the Year 10 student's first topic is nature and our Year 11 students are engaged in producing a portfolio of studies on a theme of their choosing. A-level students are looking at Japanese Art.

Happy creating to all!

Friday 17th Sept 2021

We had a brilliant second week in the Art Department with all our year group projects up and running. Such fantastic creativity across all years it is hard to pick an absolute favourite moment, but it could have been marking the homework of 7A. Such breadth and depth and variety in the shading techniques. And, so much work. I had to tell many of the students to stop doing their work on a whole sketchbook page!

Looking forward to another fruitful week.

Wednesday 22nd Sept 2021

Always a lovely moment for the department when we get Art Club up and running and in our first session yesterday it was good to see so many faces with a great bunch of Key Stage three students starting out Children's Book project and four brave Year 10 students tackling the HPQ with a focus on Fashion Design and Architecture.

Saturday 25th Sept 2021

Looking forward to our Open Morning today. We have a Cartoon Character Project going on in the Art Room. Come and join us between 9.30 and 12.00

Monday 27th Sept 2021

It was so special to be back in the classroom on Open Morning and being given the chance to show off the Art  Room to the many families who visited. It is an honour to talk about the work we do in each Year and every phase. As I explained our work and answered questions from our many visitors children helped build a Cartoon Character board. A lovely day. Special thanks to Morayo, Yasmeen and Jacob for helping run the drawing workshop and to all the guides who brought people round.

Friday 1st October 2021

The fourth week of the year has been the best so far in the Art Dept with brilliant work produced throughout the year groups and lovely lessons on such a deep and rich range of themes. We have had Year 5 continuing their pattern and year 6 produce some gorgeous ballpoint pen drawings of leaves. Year 7 were outstanding as they embarked on a new project all about portraits and Year 8 made some excellent monoprints of doorways. Our Year 9 students have been getting to grips with developing their compostitions in the "War and Conflict project" and my terrific Year 10 students are excelling with their prep work in the Natural Forms theme. the Year 11 group are currently compling their coursework portfolios as they continue with studies towards a Mock Exteranlly Set Task and my sixth form class are embracing all things Japanese are they create work about the "Artists of fthe Floating World"

And today marks the day in 1760 when the Japanese master Hokusai was born.

Happy weekend....

Monday 4th Oct 2021

We are looking forward to another productive week in the Art Dept. In Year 6 we are  embarking on a collaborative project based on the work of the Artist Andy Goldsworthy as Year 5 students are about to learn painting. Year 8 and 9 students are about to start on their main pieces in the "Urban Environment" and "War and Conflict" projects. We are expecting great things of charcoal pine cone drawings being made in Year 10 and Year 11 students continue to develop their ideas for a Main Piece in the Mock Exam project. The themes of "Crowds", "Natural Forms", Human Form" and "My Surroundings" promise so much creative work.

Happy creating to all.

Monday 11th Oct 2021

In the last week of this productive term the Art Dept looks set to be a hive of activity, with printing at the centre of everything. Year 10 are continuing with their natural form repeat patterns as A-level students work on fabric designs. We continue to study many interesting artists such as the fashion designer Grace Wales Bonner in year 9 and the portrait artist Tamara Madden in Year 7. Happy creating to all during the Half Term Break.

Monday 1st November 2021

Welcome to the new half term in the Art Dept.

We are so looking forward to teaching drawing, painting, printing, photogtaphy and sculpture in the next seven weeks up until Christmas.

Our year 5 and 6 artists will be continuing their projects on pattern and natural forms. In Year 7, we will continue with the first RED-P project about portraiture, and in Year 8, once our Urbn Environment project is completed, we embark on a series of work about the entitled "Music". Once they have completed their Main Pieces in the War and Conflict theme, our 9 students will begin to look at Fashion Design. At GCSE level, the Year 10 students will be starting their MainPieces in the first topic, "Natural Forms" and our Year 11 and 13 students are engaged in preparing for their Mock piece in December.

Happy creating to all...

Wednesday 17th Nov 2021

Such a busy time in the Art Dept as we enter the middle of this productive term. Our Year 11 students are beavering away on their Mock Exam Project prep work as they try to get ready for their 5-hour slot in a couple of weeks. Always a nerve-racking burt exciting time. I have to say, that as a group, they are rising to the challenge. The Year 10 GCSE class continue to impress me with the standard of homework and classwork. This week, they largley finished the natural form prints. In Key Stage 3, Year 9 have just concluded their War and Conflict project and Year 7 are starting work on the "Face" theme but it was Year 8 who caught the eye with the initial studies in a project entitled "Music"


Monday 22nd Nov 2021

Week 10 brings much anticipation in the Art Dept as we have, along with all the normal goings on, a Year 6 Taster day on Thursday. We so much look forward to running 4 sessions with our prospective students, trusting that they enjoy them so much that they will be back next year in our Year 7 cohort.

Happy creating to all.



Monday 29th Nov 2021

Week 11 brings much to think about in our lovely Art Dept. It is, for our Exam groups such an important week as they anticipate their 5 hour session next week, so the work done in the next 8 days is crucial to the outcome. I wish both the Year 11 students and those in Year13 all the best. It is also a week of opportunity for our Year 10 students as they emberk on the making of their first GCSE main piece. A chance for them to show how independent-minded they have become.

Year 7 students will continue with Main Pieces in their "Portraits" project and Year 8 are in the intital stages of their Main Pieces in the "Music" project having impressed in the prep work for this.  Year 9 students have been learning about pattern and clothing at the outset of a Fashion Design unit.

Happy creating to all this week.