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C. Coultart 2010-2019

Y7 Fabric Evaluation

Year 7  Fabric Design   -    Evaluation 
In your sketchbook, produce an account of the work you have done in this project. Lay down a background on one page of your sketchbook. Write the title “Fabric Deisgn” at the top and divide the page into four bubbles. In each bubble write about one of the different aspects of the project. Look back through your sketchbook and recall the stages of your project. Below are some words and phrases you could use in each section  
Section 1 -   Making line drawings of sliced fruit and vegetables using pencil 
                      Make a motif using tracing paper 
                      Drawing motif onto Polyprint with a ballpoint pen  
                      Engraving your design with a ballpoint pen  
 Section 2 -    Describe how you made a practice print using ink and rollers 
                        Describe the format of the final print  
                        Describe the process of printing.  
                        Explain the second layer of printing 
Section 3 – Describe the homework tasks including the artists studied  
                      Draw a piece of fruit 
                      Complementary Colour Pairs 
                      Studying Hanna Werning and Althea McNish    
Section 4 – Self assessment  
In this paragraph write how you did in the project. You should write at least four sentences. Explain what you did well (www) and what you could have improved (ebi). Describe your favourite activity.  


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