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C. Coultart 2010-2019

Y7 Art revision - summer 2024


You must become familiar with... The Basic Elements of Art:


                        SHAPE                       COLOUR                     LINE                                 

                  PATTERN                   TEXTURE                   TONE


You should be able to make a drawing or image that describes each term.

In the test you will be asked to make an image that illustrates each term.


                                   Before the test have a practice.


You must understand what is meant by the term "COMPOSITION"


Composition means: "the arrangement of visual elements in a work of art. It can be thought of as the organisation of the elements of art."



You must be familiar with the creative process: RED-P


                        RECORD - EXPERIMENT - DEVELOP - PRESENT


In the test you will be asked to give two example of tasks you could do at each stage of this process.


In the RECORDING phase you could, for example;


                      do a drawing         paint an image                           make a collage                     make a hand-print

make a doodle                        take a photograph                      make a montage                          make a print                                                    


In the EXPERIMENTING phase you could, for example:    


rip up a drawing and paste it back together                               make an image on an unusual support

make an image in an unusual format - circle etc                         try blending two materials together

try using different techniques together                                    make some drawings with your weaker hand


In the DEVELOPMENT phase you could, for example;


                                           Make a series of the same image using different materials      

                                           Join two of your studies to make a new composition

                                             Make a new version of one of your studies using bright colours

                                             Make several compositional studies of the same design


In the PRESENTATION phase you should choose your most successful study and, for example;


make a larger version                                                    make a more detailed version

make a version using a range of materials                        paint the image neatly

make a more skilful version                                           master the shading skills in the composition

You must learn the primary colours, and the secondary colours (and how to mix them)


You will also make a drawing  of a front-facing human head in proportion  


You will plan a development that includes the human face. Make a sketch of it.


You should learn the names of the artists you studied this year and briefly describe their work.


Mary Fedden,      Emma Dibben,      Tamara Madden,     Samella Lewis          Bridget Riley            Althea McNish          Hanna Werning      Grayson Perry        

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